New cycling guide for visitors

A new cycling guide for popular routes in our region has been produced by local tourism authorities, in conjunction with Bike Safe.
We are pleased to have been able to have an input, promoting safety and highlighting hazards responsibly - but still encouraging people to enjoy our beautiful region. It will be updated regularly.

You can download the brochure here > GREAT OCEAN RIDES. Feel free to share with others!

2015/16 Annual Report now online!

Bike Safe has launched our 2015/16 Annual Report  with an appeal for more funding for our fragile roads and disconnected bike paths. Much has been achieved but so much more needs to be done. The link is >Here

Greater Geelong and the Surf Coast are
dangerous places to ride a bike!

 Bike Safe has issued a Major State Government challenge.
Our infrastructure has been neglected. With the exception of a few dedicated shared paths and trails, greater Geelong and the Surf Coast are dangerous places to ride a bike!

During the past decade Victorian state governments have been pursuing parallel policies of restricting the expansion of the boundaries of greater Melbourne, and increasing development and settlement of “regional centres” even to the extent of relocating the offices of major government departments and bodies employing thousands of people to these areas.

The City of Greater Geelong has embraced this with projected population growth estimates from 223,000 in 2011, to 330,000 in 2036; and additional dwellings in excess of 52,000.

The major centres for this expansion as we know include Torquay, Mt Duneed, Grovedale, Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale, Drysdale/Clifton Springs, St Leonards, Leopold, Bannockburn, Lara, and Highton/Ceres.

Infrastructure immediately adjacent to these developments is often upgraded but beyond that, connecting infrastructure which was at its limit 10 years ago, has nowhere near kept pace.  

The Andrews Government to its credit has established a $100 million Safer Cyclists and Pedestrians Fund but it is yet still unclear as to how and where it will be used. It was also going to be distributed in 2016. As yet we have no news.

$10 million just to catch up!

On a pro rata population basis Geelong should receive at least $5 million of that funding, particularly given the amounts that have already been spent in Melbourne in the past. However as Victoria’s second largest city we have been neglected for so long it should be at least $10 million just to catch up!

We call on the Andrews Government members Lisa Neville, Christine Couzens, and John Eren to represent greater Geelong in formally encouraging Luke Donnellan, Minister for Roads and Road Safety, to ensure we receive a fair allocation of these funds, and that they are applied quickly and effectively. We will write to and meet where possible these members and advise our many facebook followers of the outcome.


Are you insured?

As a cyclist on our roads it is important you have personal accident insurance. This is also available through joining Bike Safe. We are affiliated with Cycling Australia. Through them we offer:
  • 24/7 Public Liability Insurance worldwide
  • 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance
  • Access to Bike Insurance made easy
  • Concessions & Discounts for Juniors and Seniors
If you have an accident while riding, the policy covers a range of benefits including death, disablement and various general assistance benefits. The most common expenses claimed are in respect of non-Medicare medical items which include any medical related expenses you incur which are not eligible for a Medicare benefit and which are not otherwise claimable through private health insurance or a similar scheme (eg workers compensation). A typical example is physio expenses incurred as part of your rehabilitation.

More details here > Bike Safe Membership with Insurance

Blackgate Road to be upgraded

Blackgate and Horseshoe Bend roads upgfrade funding was announced during the election! The Federal Government  announced funding for road shoulders (1.5m) on Blackgate Rd. The Surf Coast Shire has also committed funding for putting on bikelanes on Horseshoe Bend Road all the way to Blackgate Rd. Together it’s about $2m! 

These two roads have been on Bike Safe's Hazard Road list for 6 years.  The Federal Government has committed to the 2.4km section of Blackgate Road (also on our Hazard Road list) between Horseshoe Bend Road and Minya Lane at Torquay. Budget is $804,000 to seal shoulders and install edge lines and raised reflective pavement markers, upgrade or install guard fence and upgrade delineation and signage. This has been done through the existing Federal Roads Blackspot Programme and Roads to Recovery funding.

This will dramatically improve safety for cyclists AND motorists. Designs for both roads are currently underway.

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